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Zestrea Round Sticker

A marriage negotiation board game, for 3-6 players, about ridiculous Romanian traditions, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times.

Zestrea Round Sticker



Zestrea is an original Romanian board game about arranging weddings between villagers. The villagers live on player's estates, they work the land and they make up their own minds. Players can attempt to sway them towards different goals by rolling the dice. Meanwhile life happens, which may not always be a good thing.

The main gameplay takes place in the negotiation round, where players freely discuss who they want to try to marry, and other deals involving money and villagers.

Zestrea is loosely inspired by the Romanian village life of the 19th-21st century. Life wasn't easy...

Players play as Boyars, the nobles from back in the day. The Boyars take care of the villagers that work their Land.

Two villager cards. Lad and Maiden.

The Zestrea Lads and Maidens who are villagers in your care

Zestre card

Zestre means Dowry and it represents the belongings given to the married girl when she leaves her parental home. In Zestrea, this symbol is used as currency.

Land card

Historically, Boyars had a major role in creating a more progressive society. In Zestrea, their goal as players is to earn the most Zestre, while protecting their villagers from Hard Times.

Zestrea is the articulated form of Zestre, just like "The Dowry" is compared to "Dowry".

For more details about the game, you may download the instructions manual PDF on the buttons below.


Horațiu Roman as a Fecior card
Horațiu Roman as a Fecior card
Horațiu Roman as a Fecior card
Horațiu Roman as a Fecior card

The team is made of Horațiu Roman and Alex Pațiu, the two game designers that came up with Zestrea during the 2018 Clujotronic Game Jam, Maria Surducan who took care of the game art and Laura Bularca, the omnipresent busy bee that helps with publishing and marketing.


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